A message from Sarah Palfrey, Chair of the WVLA Legislative Committee

Welcome to the First Day of the 85th Legislative Session! I’ve included a number of Handy Links at the bottom of this email to help you navigate the session. Also attached you will find the approved 2022 WVLA legislative goals, and sample talking points. The talking points are to help you and not for distribution to your representatives.

Library Day at the Legislature is Monday March 7, 2022. We encourage you to contact your representatives throughout the year and especially during the session. March 7th is very late in the session, you should reach out earlier to say hi, thanks for all their work and share a story about how awesome your library is.

We will try and offer all the usual highlights of legislative day (rotunda, reception, book giveaway, and photo ops) while keeping in mind that we will need to stay flexible in regard to covid situations and the ability for individual libraries to participate. WVLA is asking libraries to create a display or table set up in the rotunda again this year. Keep an eye out for a participation survey to help the committee organize the day.

Legislative Day is a function of WVLA and not the Commission, information will be distributed through WVLA channels.

Handy Links:
2022 Legislative Membership Directory
2022 West Virginia Legislature Information Packet
2022 Legislative Calendar
How a Bill Becomes a Law
How to set up your own Bill Tracker (thanks to the WV Community Development Hub)


Additional Resources:

Talking points for 2022 WVLA Goals

Legislative Goals Brochure