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Spring Fling 2012


March 22, 2012 to March 23, 2012
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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Flatwoods Days Inn
2000 Sutton Lane
Sutton, WV 26601

Tentative Program Schedule

Thursday, March 22

8:00-11:00 ~ Registration


The Foundation Center: Expanding to Meet the Public~Olivia Bravo & friends

The WV Foundation Center Librarians are planning big things for West Virginia. Come see what they are and how you will fit into the scheme. Also, come learn about, a recently established database from the Foundation Center that has much to offer (for free!)

Moving to RDA: the West Virginia Library Commission’s Experience~Heather Campbell Shock

This session will discuss how the West Virginia Library Commission is moving to Resource Description and Access from the AACR2. It will outline training, local policy decisions and cataloging.

Libraries Throughout the Ages, or Where Do We Go From Here?~Paula McGrew

As keepers of the cultural heritage from the Ice Age to the Information Age, libraries have always been central to preserving and sharing the thoughts and creativity of the world. Come and hear how things have changed (and yet not changed) in the world of libraries.

Directors Roundtable Meeting~Sharon Saye

Digital Projects Petting Zoo~Digital Projects Roundtable Members

This year the Digital Projects Roundtable will offer a ‘Digital Petting Zoo’ consisting of sessions on converting .doc to .pdf files, scanning various formats, editing .pdf files, accessing documents on smartphones (iPhone and Droid), converting digital images and moving objects from tablets or smartphones to a computer hard drive. These are common services that patrons ask in both the public library and academic library environments. We feel that providing these sessions to attendees of Spring Fling will increase their abilities to assist their patrons. This booth will be set up in the Vendor area, and will be available/staffed throughout both days of the conference. If you have any specific tasks you would like to see demonstrated, please contact Thom Walker at [email protected].

10:00-10:30 ~ Coffee Break ~ Visit with the Vendors ~ Petting Zoo


Trustees Q & A Session~Karen Goff and friends

This session will provide public library trustees the opportunity to ask questions of the WVLC Secretary and staff.



Survey Says!~Lynne Edington and Kelli Johnson

During the Fall 2011 Semester we conducted a short, pencil and paper survey targeting students who attend “live” classes at Marshall’s South Charleston campus. The goal was to get information about how our facility can best serve the needs of the students who come to the campus for classes as opposed to those taking online classes. We will discuss the survey process—what worked and what didn’t, how we chose our questions, and how we will use the results.

National Library Legislative Day 2012 & ALA’s National Agenda~Penny Pugh

NLLD will be held on April 23-24 this year. Librarians and library supporters from every state visit Washington during the 2-day event, meeting with their elected representatives to discuss issues that are critical to libraries, such as access to information, copyright, e-rate, and of course, funding. This session will cover ALA’s national agenda, WVLA’s participation in NLLD, and potential funding for attendees. Join us to see what you can do to advocate for libraries.

iPads for Library Staff~Sue Roth and Beth Rogers

Our patrons use them, our children use them, and our society seems to be full of them. What kinds of things can library staff members find useful and fun about iPads? In an attempt to learn to think in new ways, a library staff goes on an iAdventure.

Public Libraries Division Meeting~Vicky Terry

11:30-1:00 ~ Lunch on your own


Academic Libraries Division Meeting~Paula McGrew

Public Relations Committee Meeting~Susan Hayden

A Healthier Culture with the Regional Tobacco Prevention Coalition~Karen Larson and Erik Spelsberg

Programs for youth, teens and adults can be offered at your library. This community partner offers free programs, provides information on programs that you or a volunteer could present at your library, and more. Get involved and make a difference in the number one cause of preventable death.

Innovation in Circulation Policies ~ Panel discussion

Participants will share their innovative ideas when it comes to circulating materials, and more importantly, getting those materials back again. If you’ve ever considered eliminating fines or even having your patrons arrested, this session will give you some guidance.

Changes in PEIA ~ TBA

Changes going on with PEIA concerning health coverage, retirement and more could easily have an impact on you and/or your staff. This session will outline new information concerning PEIA participants’ coverage, and what you should know.


Social Responsibilities Roundtable Meeting~Susan Maguire


West Virginians for Affordable Healthcare~Gibbs Kinderman

Join Gibbs Kinderman, the Regional Coordinator of West Virginians for Affordable Healthcare as he presents an informational session about the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its mission to expand health insurance, contain the costs, and work toward stronger regulations of the insurance industry.

Organizational Meeting for the Friends Division of WVLA~Ted Nesbitt

The “reactivation committee” for the Friends Division would like to have an informal discussion group about the need for the division, its role in WVLA, its targeted members, and the possibility of a program for the Fall Conference.

How to Prepare for Your Audit ~ Denise Seabolt

Anything and everything you need to know to prepare for a library audit, from the RFP process through getting all your paperwork in order.

Is Your Reference Section Obsolete? ~ Panel discussion

With the advent of the Internet and improved search engines, how should libraries handle their reference collections? What do we still need to stock in the reference section? A panel discussion on the future of reference work in the digital age.

3:00-3:30 ~ Coffee Break ~ Visit with the Vendors ~ Petting Zoo


Information Literacy: Fresh Ideas and New Learning Activities~Sabrina Thomas

Have you found yourself in a teaching rut? This session reviews the most recent literature on information literacy best practices and learning activities. We will have plenty of time to share experiences and learn from each other.

Meet West Virginia Author, M. Glenn Taylor~Glenn Taylor

Come and meet Glenn Taylor, author of the critically acclaimed novels “The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart” and “The Marrowbone Marble Company.” There will be plenty of time for questions after the presentation.

Geocache West Virginia!~Robin Taylor

Want to learn more about the ever-growing sport/hobby geocaching? This session will provide detailed instructions on how to use a GPS receiver to find hidden treasures wherever you may be! We will also go over how to hide/place a geocache. Geocaching is a way of reaching out to thousands of people in the State of West Virginia, plus millions more all over the world. Don’t miss out on something that could lead many people into your library!

How to Pass a Levy ~ Panel discussion

Tips and advice on how to pass a levy to support your library, from how to begin the process to successful, and not so successful, campaign strategies.

Legislative Committee Meeting~Susan Riley


5:30 ~ WVLA Executive Board Dinner/Meeting


Friday March 23


Make and Take Crafts~Deborah Starkey

Need craft ideas? Come join us for hand-outs and supplies that will allow you to make and take home complete projects.

Programs for Children with Special Needs~Betsy Peterson

This session will present some programming ideas for that segment of our younger patrons that can easily become the most underserved and forgotten in the bunch.


A Healthier Culture with the Regional Tobacco Prevention Coalition~Karen Larson and Erik Spelsberg

Programs for youth, teens and adults can be offered at your library. This community partner offers free programs, provides information on programs that you or a volunteer could present at your library, and more. Get involved and make a difference in the number one cause of preventable death.

Unbound: Media and Literacy~Lisa Ostruh

The Unbound presentation is a discussion on Media and Literacy and how we learn. The emphasis is on the digital learner and how technology plays a crucial part in learning and literacy.

10:00-10:30 ~ Coffee Break ~ Visit with the Vendors ~ Petting Zoo


Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale: Libraries in Transition~Russell Palmer and Jennifer Bielewski

OCLC and LYRASIS are collaborating to share more about the web scale working environment with libraries nationwide. Through a series of face to face and online conferences, the two organizations are sharing the value of cloud computing tools by demonstrating the ease of use, adaptability, scalability and overall cost benefit of working in this cutting edge way. Join us for a conversation on Web Scale. We will begin with a group discussion of how libraries are working smarter by implementing free cloud computing tools, followed by a brief summary of how libraries are successfully transitioning to OCLC’s new WorldShare Management Services, and concluding with a discussion of the long-term impact of web scale services on libraries and their users.

Reading Partners~Shirley Wilkins

Shirley Wilkins of the WVU Extension Service will present Reading Partners, a program that provides training in shared reading strategies that help to create a positive reading environment for a child to practice reading and comprehension skills. Participants will also learn techniques to integrate writing and art with reading.

West Virginia has Talent!~Various performers

This program will consist of three or four presenters who will each give a short version of what they do and how it can be geared to the Summer Reading theme. They will have handouts for the audience with pricing, availability and contact information.

12:00-1:00 ~ Lunch on your own


Dream Big: Science for Summer Reading and Beyond~Bonnie Dwire

Learn through hands-on experiments how to add some extra “WOW!” to your reading program. Take home ideas that you can use this summer and all year long. Get ready for fast-paced fun!


Mountaineer Therapy Dogs~Barbara Higgins and Brenda Lee

We are a group of therapy dog teams that provide many volunteer services to our communities. One of them is volunteering at libraries and schools for their “Read to the Dogs” programs. During these times children (most of whom are dealing with some type of reading challenge) spend time reading a book to a dog. The benefits of this type of program are well-documented. Dogs are non-judgmental and provide encouragement and a friendly ear to the children.

Children in Library Policies~Suzy McGinley

An overview of basic public library policies concerning services to children and young adults. Topics will include unattended children, truancy, materials access and more.

The Art in All of Us ~ Terri McDougal

A recycled calendar of Claude Monet’s art led to the creation of a series of children’s programs about famous artists. Using both children’s and adult art books, children and families have been introduced to the art of Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse and O’Keefe. Included in each program is the opportunity for a hands-on art project in the style of the featured artist. Sound like something fun and different for your library? Then don’t miss this session!


Children’s Services Roundtable Meeting~Suzy McGinley

This is a meeting of the Children’s Services Roundtable, where members will share program ideas and discuss summer reading program ideas.


$40.00 Member Registration (Both Days)
$50.00 after 12:00 am March 12

$60.00 Non-Member Registration (Both Days)
$70.00 after 12:00 am March 12

$25.00 Member Registration (Wednesday Only)
$30.00 after 12:00 am March 12

$25.00 Member Registration (Thursday Only)
$30.00 after 12:00 am March 12

$35.00 Non-Member Registration (Wednesday Only)
$40.00 after 12:00 am March 12

$35.00 Non-Member Registration (Thursday Only)
$40.00 after 12:00 am March 12

$350.00 Vendor Booth

$300.00 Additional Vendor Booth

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