2012 Conference Schedule

West Virginia Library Association 2012 Annual Conference

Crystal Hamrick, President

October 10-October 12, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Registration

8:00 AM to Noon

  • Pre-Conference: BE THE CHANGE, MAKE EVERYDAY ADVOCACY DAY : presented by Veronda Pitchford sponsored by the WVLC – Ballroom

Much like change, library advocacy begins at home and in the streets. Learn how to expand your library's advocacy plan beyond legislative library day to engage friends, staff, trustees and library lovers in the process. Successful advocacy strategy campaigns used by advocacy experts will be described, discussed and deconstructed for use by libraries.

Both advocacy novices and veterans will learn and share strategic ways to leverage everyday opportunities from chatting in line at the grocery store to neighborhood meetings to educate decision makers on how libraries change lives and make communities better places for us all. Veronda Pitchford will lead this pre-conference. Pitchford of Chicago is a noted speaker on multiple library topics and was listed by Library Journal as one of the 2005 “Movers and Shakers” in the library profession.

10:30 AM

  • MLN demo of Sierra, Innovative's newest platform- Bluestone

NOON – LUNCH (on your own – reservations recommended for Stillwaters)


2:00 PM

  • LIBRARY UPDATE: the television show about you and for you presented by Megan Tarbett and Melissa Brown - Bluestone

In the spring of 2012, the WV Library Commission resumed production of the television show “Library Update” as a way to assist in the professional development of the state’s libraries, keep librarians and staff up-to-date on current trends and technologies, and inform the libraries of happenings around the state. Come and learn more about the show, meet the host and producers, and provide valuable feedback on past and future topics of the show.

  • IT’S ABOUT BRAND (MEANING, NOT MARKETING) presented by the Veronda Pitchford sponsored by The WVLC – Ballroom

What do libraries have in common with top commercial brands in the market? They both communicate trust and outstanding experiences for their customers. Learn strategies used by the top corporate brands to engage your staff and board in creating meaning and disseminating message through every experience. We'll learn the components of a successful brand including how to create a brand manifesto, an action plan to launch new messages for target audiences and ways of measuring your brand's success in the community. You will not only increase value and market share in your community but turn your customers into the choir singing your brand's tune throughout the community.


Highlighting who is eligible for services from the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and how your library can assist. We’ll demonstrate the many exciting changes and devices that digital content has brought to services for low-vision and blind patrons. Join us for a hands-on intro to digital audio devices and text-to-speech e-readers.

3:00 PM

  • LSTA PLAN FOR WV LIBRARIES presented by John Paul Myrick WVLC - Maple

Library Development Director John Paul Myrick will provide an overview of the new LSTA Plan for West Virginia, “Creating a State of Learners”, discuss how the plan will support public libraries, and explain exciting ways that libraries can help insure success of the plan while fostering local success.

  • IT’S ABOUT BRAND (MEANING, NOT MARKETING) presented by the Veronda Pitchford sponsored by the WVLC (continued)
  • ROLE OF LIBRARIES IN CIVIC LIFE Jean Ambrose and Betty Knighton - Tygart

Libraries are ideally situated to nurture civic engagement, a keystone of American democracy. They are open to all, they offer materials that provide people with a common experience and vocabulary, and they are forums for formal and informal discussions of community issues. This session will discuss how librarians can partner with various state and local initiatives and networks to explore critical issues facing communities across the state - dropout prevention; early childhood education; substance abuse prevention; community development.

  • EDGAR ALLAN POE TALKS ABOUT HIS LIFE AND WORK. (And you thought he was dead!) - Bluestone

4:00 PM

  • NETWORK SERVICES AND BROADBAND UPDATE presented by Harlan White, WVLC - Ballroom
  • WV GHOST STORIES AND BALLADS presented by Susanna Holstein - Bluestone

Come in and enjoy a program of stories and songs that might chill your bones while we explore the rich heritage of legends and lore from our state. Have a story to share? Bring it along for an informal swap after the presentation, we will provide an open mic to allow others to share their stories.

  • INTRODUCING BOARD GAMING INTO YOUR LIBRARY presented by Jill Rafter, William Rafter, John Adkins and Melissa Adkins - Maple

Are you looking for a creative (and fun!) way to reach out to new users, bring teens back to the library, or just add another cool service? We’ll share ideas about ways you can use gaming – board games, card games, eurogames – to engage your library patrons. We’ll show you a huge variety of educational and entertaining games and give you some resources to start a gaming program of your own. If you’ve always believed there’s something out there beyond Sorry! and Monopoly, this is the session for you. (Also make plans to join us for an open gaming session to try out some of the games we talk about – get your group together to see which library will be this year’s board game champs.)

6:00 PM

All American Cook-out

STORYTELLING around the fire pit


BOARD GAMES hosted by Jill Rafter, William Rafter, John Adkins and Melissa Adkins

This evening event will give attendees an opportunity to try educational and entertaining board games that they may want to offer in their libraries. If you attended the “Introducing Board Games into Your Library” session, this will give you an opportunity to try out some of the games discussed in the session. If you didn’t attend the session, just come and have fun. Everyone is welcome!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Registration

9:00 AM


In this 1 hour workshop, attendees will first explore easy to implement cloud computing tools and platforms that will help them to improve their workflows, more efficiently serve their users, and better manage their work life.
Next, we will explore the platform concept in greater depth, beginning with popular examples from outside the library world, and concluding with an exploration of the open, collaborative features OCLC the WorldShare™ platform.
After this session, you will be able to:
• Define web scale / cloud computing
• Identify free/reasonably priced web scale tools
• Improve your work efficiency by working at web scale
• Understand the collaborative features of the OCLC WorldShare™ Platform

  • PRESERVING LOCAL HISTORY AT THE LIBRARY presented by Gary Rider - Bluestone

This would focus on how to save local history in your hometown library. Mr. Rider has 380 stories collected on Military Veterans of his county. Through the use of those stories we can show other libraries how easy it is to collect such stories. A second part of this preservation effort could focus on clubs, police, fire, and other service organizations in your hometown. This could be shown in your library in a multitude of ways, and eventually lead to a local history book.

  • MOVING FORWARD IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COLLABORATION presented by Kelli Johnson and Jody Perry - Pecan

The Marshall University Information Technology department constantly assesses reviews and improves its customer service model. MUIT, which includes the Libraries, Online Learning and Computer Services, has successfully implemented a service one-desk concept in our Drinko Library. We will bring you up to speed on how we did it and what we see for our future.

  • IMPROV YOUR CREATIVITY, IMPROV YOUR LIFE presented by Steve Goff – Ballroom 2

Utilizing the techniques of comedy improvisation, attendees will learn how to jump start and maintain their creativity. Comedy improv requires getting out of your own way, being in the moment, and quieting your inner critic. We will discuss such improv concepts as “start anywhere”, “take risks”, “be spontaneous”, and “trust your instincts”. Through a variety of fun interactive exercises and improv games, we will explore the world of improvisation and discover what it has to offer you and your creativity.

  • CHANGING THE WORLD OF DIGITAL CONTENT panel discussion with panelists from WVDELI, WVREADS, LISTEN EASTERN WV - primary audience; public – Ballroom 1

This session explores the complexity of library consortiums’ struggle to provide downloadable content in a very volatile publishing market. Panelists from state digital consortiums will discuss how they are shaping their purchasing decisions and collection development around the ongoing turmoil of skyrocketing prices, disappearing publishers, and the rise of the e-book. Panelists will also discuss strategies for guiding patrons to use the services and marketing digital materials

10:00 AM

  • FREE LEGAL INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET presented by Brian Cassidy of the WV State Law Library – Pecan

Mr. Cassidy will present on valuable free legal resources available on the internet. Bruce Perrone from WV Legal Aid will speak about the information available from his organization on their website. Kaye Maerz, The State Law Librarian will cover the information available on the State Law Library’s website and services the library offers the public and of course public libraries.

  • APPETITE FOR INSTRUCTION presented by Sabrina Thomas and Eryn Roles - Bluestone

Information Literacy is not just a perfunctory academic skill set but a gateway to life-long learning and responsibility. Eryn Roles and Sabrina Thomas call teaching librarians to increase their aptitude for teaching information literacy as a critical life skill. In the spirit of collaboration Marshall University Libraries is launching an information literacy idea exchange and lesson repository centered on social justice and personal responsibility.

  • IMPROV YOUR CREATIVITY, IMPROV YOUR LIFE presented by Steve Goff - continued
  • OVERDRIVE presented by representatives from Overdrive – Ballroom 1

Discuss current trends and materials in the digital world.


11:00 AM

  • WINNERS ALL: HAVING A WRITING CONTEST AT YOUR LIBRARY presented by Susanna Holstein – Ballroom 1

Writing contests can be low-budget but exciting library or school events. Learn the basics for starting a contest at your library: how to plan, promote and present the contest, rules for submissions, judging entries, getting volunteer help and more.

    • Public – Ballroom 2
    • Academic – Bluestone
    • Trustee – Greenbrier
    • Friends - Pecan

11:45 to 1:15 – LUNCH (on your own - reservations recommended for Stillwaters)

12:00 - Past President’s Luncheon at Lightburns

1:15 PM

  • AMPLIFY LIBRARY VALUE: USING DATA FOR RESULTS presented by Dr. Kathy Rosa, Director, Office of Research and Statistics, ALA – Ballroom 1

Librarians know that library collections and services have a positive impact on individuals and communities. Research backs up this claim. How do we go about using that research to make changes? This presentation will focus on how to translate research findings into marketing tools that get results.

  • MARSHALL DIGITAL SCHOLAR: THE BIRTH OF AN IR(Institutional Repository) presented by Gretchen Beach and Thomas Walker - Bluestone

We will discuss the creation of the new Institutional Repository at Marshall University. We will cover topics from the early research to the implantation and development of MDS.

  • UNITED FOR LIBRARIES: HOW FRIENDS CAN CHANGE LIBRARIES – a panel discussion and display by Friends Groups from 4 public and 1 academic libraries – Pecan

Activities of the Friends Groups of five libraries -- four public and one academic -- are highlighted in this program. In addition to the oral presentations, displays from all the libraries will be on view.

  • CRAFTS ON THE CHEAP presented by Olivia Bravo and Barbara LaGodna – Ballroom 2

We will show you how to make jewelry crafts for library programs for $25.00 of less. Hands on participation involved.


Once a family member dies, what are the many practical aspects and legalities of death that survivors need to deal with and settle? This presentation will answer how the library can provide the resources of these tasks that are necessary, but overwhelming when one is grieving. An attorney will join in the presentation to offer advice and suggest resources.

2:15 pm

  • BIBLIOSTAT 2013 presented by Melissa Brown - Maple

Highlights the upcoming changes in the Bibliostat Annual Survey which will be more aligned with the new LSTA Grant.

  • PRESERVING THE PAST AND THE SAVING THE FUTURE moderated by Thomas Walker (Marshall University) and members of the Digital Projects Roundtable with panelists Tom Clareson (Lyrasis), Brett Miller (West Virginia Wesleyan College) Robyn Williams (Lynchburg College), Kelly Mummert (Wheeling Jesuit) – Ballroom 2

The Digital Projects Roundtable has prepared a panel discussion on the benefits of a statewide digital library. The goal is to create a statewide project that will combine academic institutions (public and private), historical societies, public libraries and museums. West Virginia has a very rich culture and discovering this culture can be limited in discovery due to each organization housing separate parts. We have panelists speaking from Lyrasis, The Digital Library of Appalachia (past and present), private and public academic institutions.

  • USING PICTURE BOOKS AS AN INSTRUCTIONAL TOOL presented by Stacie Hutton. - Bluestone

This session will provide practical applications for classroom teachers, school librarians, and children’s librarians regarding children’s picture book. I will specifically provide suggestions for my book SHOVELFULL OF SUNSHINE, the story of a little girl who lost her dreams and her coal miner daddy who helps her dig them back up.

  • HELPING PATRONS TROUBLESHOOT THEIR E-DEVICES presented by Erika Reed and Michelle Ross – Ballroom 1

It’s okay, go ahead and touch that Kindle still in the box, as patron expects you to get them started downloading library digital materials. Technical staff at the MCPL will share with you tips on helping patrons use their devices w/a basic understanding of the myriad of technology used – from cell phones to tablets to e-readers.



  • WHAT’S IN A NAME? Book provenance as a research tool presented by Stewart Plein - Bluestone

Open any older book and you’re bound to find a name written inside. Have you ever wondered who that person was, where they lived, or what they did in life? This session will look at the many ways owners annotated their own books and how the study of annotations can open the door to a book’s provenance, or the history of a book’s ownership. By tracing annotations in books we can uncover the story behind the name.

  • LIBRARY FRIENDS AS ADVOCATES: part 1 presented by Susan Schmidt, ALA Councilor and Past President of the Friends of Libraries USA (FOLUSA) – PRIMARY AUDIENCE FRIENDS/TRUSTEES - Pecan

Susan Schmidt, media specialist in Montgomery County, MD and past president of FOLUSA [Friends of Libraries USA], will speak about Friends Groups -- history of the Friends of Libraries as advocates for libraries; formation or revival of local groups; Friends Groups' activities; promoting Friends Groups in all types of libraries; and, award-winning Friends Groups throughout the United States.

  • SHOWCASE OF ENTERTAINERSMusicians and authors from Ohio come to promote their entertainment and books to you. - Ballroom 2

4:15 pm

  • USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CollECTION DEVELOPMENT presented by Megan Tarbett - Maple

Librarians are not limited to the traditional sources of finding reviews and other information to make collection development choices. Learn how the publishing industry uses social media to promote materials, and the best places to find trusted quality reviews.

  • SHOWCASE OF ENTERTAINERS continued – Ballroom 2

6:00 pm – RECEPTION with cash bar



Friday, October 12, 2012

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM – Registration

9:00 AM

  • Weeding: making your library bloom presented by Jenn Armistead – Ballroom 1

De-selection is an important part of collection development. Learn how to assess your collection and provide better service to your customers.

  • Connecting to collections: update 2012 presented by Kathleen Bledsoe, Margaret Mary Layne and Frances O’Brien - Maple

The current update on the state wide initiative Connecting to Collections, a preservation program for West Virginia. The latest in plans and grants will be announced and discussed.

  • Trustee basics: hit the ground running presented by John Paul Myrick and Karen Goff - Pecan

WVLC Secretary Karen E. Goff and Library Development Director John Paul Myrick will briefly discuss roles and responsibilities of public library trustees and introduce a new training program designed to create effective trustee “change agents” for West Virginia’s libraries.

  • What to say to the ya: young adult readers advisory presented by Suzy McGinley - Bluestone

An overview of Reader's Advisory, with specific information on helping today's teen readers. How to know what part of your collection has the most appeal to teen readers and how electronic formats are changing the way they read

10:00 AM

  • Tapping into e-wv presented by Becky Calwell and Mike Keller - Pecan

The West Virginia Encyclopedia at is a valuable research tool for librarians and library patrons. The online encyclopedia is free and includes 2,300 articles about the Mountain State along with photos and illustrations, statistics, timelines, video and audio clips, maps, quizzes and other interactive features.

  • Census 1940 presented by Megan Tarbett - Maple

The 1940 Census is now available. Genealogists will be at your library mining the data for branches on their family trees. Hear from an expert in the field.

  • WV library geocaching adventure – participating libraries are asked to attend. – Ballroom 1

11:00 AM – 3rd general session, business meeting & state of wv libraries - Ballroom

1:00 PM – Executive Board Meeting - Birch

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