Legislative Luncheon Cancelled

Quick and dirty! We had the proverbial rug pulled out from under us yesterday!  Our arrangements for use of the Government Organization hearing room for the luncheon were cancelled by the office responsible for the bookings.  The Democrats asked for the Government Organization hearing room every Tuesday and Thursday from 12 noon to 2 to caucus throughout the session. They got it! They trumped us!

 Remember the Rotunda is still on! It would be great if we can flip this in our favor by strongly encouraging WVLA members to attend the event in the Rotunda in even larger numbers and keep libraries in the discussion.  So if you have not chosen a Service Table please check the attached list and call or email the table head and volunteer to contribute to the Rotunda effort.

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Legislative Day (February 2) is fast approaching!

Dear WVLA Members,

 Legislative Day (February 2) is fast approaching!  There are 2 things you need to know about this year’s event.

 First: There will be NO EVENING RECEPTION.  Instead we will be hosting Lunch With Your Legislator(s) in Room 215-E of the Capitol from 12 noon to 2 on the 2nd.   Information about this is on its way.

 Second: The Legislative Committee is hoping to fill the Upper Rotunda in the Capitol from 9 – 2 with vibrant displays that highlight the services offered by libraries – all types of libraries – across West Virginia.

 Below you will find a list of the services we want to emphasize.  We are asking that each library (Quickly!) look over this list, pick a service that interests you or that you feel your library does especially well and contact (Very Quickly!)  the person whose name is listed in red next to this service about helping to develop that particular display and assisting in manning the table on Legislative Day. It is important that at every library participate as a list will be supplied to each legislator directing them to THEIR constituent’s displays.

 Service Tables for

Library Day at the Legislature 2016

9:00 – 2:00 in the Upper Rotunda  

 1.      Business support – David Lemming, Jackson County Public Library 304-372-5343 [email protected]

 2.      Referral services and e-government services such as FAFSA, ACA, SSI, etc. David Owens, Cabell County PL 304-528-5700 [email protected] 

 3.      Children’s services   Amy Stover, Raleigh County Public Library Phone 304-877-0511 [email protected]

 4.      Programming - Eva McGuire, Craft Memorial 304-325-3943 [email protected]

 5.      Reading materials – books, magazines, newspapers - Elizabeth Fraser, Kanawha County 304-343-4646 ext. 1229 [email protected]

 6.      E-services; WVREADS - Molly Krichten WVLC 800-642-9021 ext. 2040 [email protected] and  WVDeli- Toni Blessing  Kanawha County

 7.      Local collections –Jill Rafter, Clarksburg Harrison 304-627- 2236 [email protected] 

                  Ohio County – Dottie Thomas

 8.      ABE Literacy   Margaret Smith, Hamlin-Lincoln County, 304-824-5481 [email protected]

 9.      Educational support – books for curriculum support, tutoring, bookmobile visits, class visits, classroom visits, proctoring, class cards, deposit collections, etc.  Sarah Palfrey, Summersville Public Library 340-872-0844 [email protected]

 10.   Job services – resume creation, job applications, job testing   Myra Ziegler, Summers County Public Library 304-466-4490 [email protected]

 11.   Public access computing – Christy Carver, Greenbrier County Public Library 304-647-7568 [email protected]

 12.   Extension services – Judy Gunsaulis, Fayette County Public Library 304-465-0121 [email protected]

 13.   Reference – statewide databases - Elizabeth Fraser, Kanawha County 304-343-4646 ext. 1229 [email protected]

  14.   Community center, meeting areas, etc. Dottie Thomas, Ohio Co. 304-232-0244 [email protected]

 15.   Non-book collections – oddities, yearbooks, curiosities - Carol McClung, Rupert Public Library 304-392-6158 [email protected]

 16.  Special Libraries – WV State Law Library - Kaye L. Maerz is developing this table.

 Following tables will be developed by the WVLA Division Chairs if you are interested in contributing to one of the following please contact the division chair:

 17.  School Libraries – School Library Division – Suzie Martin  [email protected]

 18.   Academic Libraries – WVLA Academic Library Division- Melissa Brooks [email protected]

  PS.  Special thanks to all those folks whose names appear in red above!  They have agreed to coordinate the organization of these displays. 

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