IMG_0567 - ANGELA ABBOTTThe West Virginia Library Association is pleased to have Angela Abbott Dunbar Intermediate School and Marshall University present with her colleagues at the WVLA/SELA Joint Conference 2017.

We asked her a few questions in regards to her career and upcoming session.

Please describe what you do?

Media Specialist for public intermediate level school

What is your session title?

Makerspaces: The library as the change agent in public schools

Please tell us what your session is about?

Our session is a discussion about the role of the library in the Makerspace movement. We will address successes and obstacles of the library as a change agent in the schools.

How will the information in your presentation benefit libraries, librarians, or information professionals?

Our session will benefit libraries, librarians, or information specialists with information about what a Makerspace is, why it is important, the rationale behind it, how to implement a Makerspace, resources for Makerspace, and the ups and downs of having a Makerspace

A fun ice breaker question – if you could have a conversation with any person fictional/living/deceased who would you want to talk to and why? 

I would want to talk to Robin Williams. I would love to have conversations with him about life and laugh along the journey.

Do you have professional website/blog/social media site you would like to share with our attendees?


Thank you Angela for sharing your presentation information! We look forward to your session happening Thursday, November 9th at 9:00 in the Knowland Room.


The 2017 conference will be held at The Greenbrier Resort from November 8-10.
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