2015 Annual Conference Presentations

Go Fund Yourself by Hali Taylor

Board of Ed Speech Sample (Word)
Are Public Libraries Obsolete (PowerPoint)
Concurrent Resolution House No 152 Rowe Senate No 68 Palumbo and Stollings (Word)
Did You Know (Word)
Five Important Roles of Public Libraries (Word)
Funding Justification Notebook (PDF)
Library Construction Funds Bill (Word)
United for Libraries Power Guide (PDF)
Websites for Canaan Valley (Word)

If You Pin it, Bake it, Make it, or Caffeinate it, They Will Come: Marketing and Outreach at Your Library by Kat Phillips, Lynne Edington, & Christine Lewis

Presentation (PDF)

Legal Issues Facing Your Library by Karen Goff and Ann Farr

Presentation (PowerPoint)

Pulp Fiction by John and Melissa Adkins

Presentation (PDF)

Make the Case for Your Library with a Data-based Elevator Speech by Heather Campbell-Shook

Presentation (Powerpoint)

Digitization 101: To Digitize or Not to Digitize? That is the Question by Nat DeBruin