2009 Annual Conference Presentations

Photos from the conference

Building a Regional Digitization Program: Participating in the Lyrasis Mass Digitization Collaborative. (PDF 1.29 MB)
Frances O’Brien, Dean, West Virginia University Libraries will discuss their experience with the collaborative.
Laurie Gemmill is the Digital Services Program Manager for Lyrasis.
Summary: Lyrasis established the Mass Digitization Collaborative to assist members with their digitization needs. The initial focus is on mass digitization of text; the first goal is the digitization of 60,000 books. The digital assets created through the service will be available through Internet Archive as well as participating institutions’ own digital collections. Attendees will learn about the project and how they can participate including selection, costs and digitization details. Frances O’Brien, Dean, West Virginia University Libraries will discuss their experience with the collaborative.

Where are We Going? Where Have We Been? Information Literacy in West Virginia Academic Libraries. (PDF 159 KB)
Jennifer Sias, Director of Information Literacy and Instructional Services, Marshall University
Carroll Wetzel Wilkinson, Director of Instruction and Information Literacy at WVU Libraries
Summary: Providing updates on information literacy developments at West Virginia University and Marshall University, the presenters will involve participants in a discussion of approaches to developing and/or strengthening information literacy outreach on their own campuses. They also plan to conduct a survey of other West Virginia academic librarians involved in instruction and information literacy and to share the results.

Show it Off: Practical Tips to Increase Circulation by Merchandising Your Collection on a Shoestring.
Show It Off: Merchandising Your Library on a Shoestring (PDF 134KB) 2 p. handout
Show It Off: Library Merchandising on a Shoestring (PDF 1.31 MB) 14 p. presentation
Merchandising: Essential Opportunity to Market Your Library (PDF 586 KB) 6 p. handout
Merchandising: Essential Opportunity to Market Your Library (PDF 158 KB) 2 p. handout
Kathy Schalk-Greene is the Director of the Mount Laurel Library in NJ and the NJ Librarian of the Year.
Summary: Transform your library using retail display techniques to add excitement, increase circulation and enhance your customers’ experience of the library. Learn how to make both immediate and long-term changes to showcase your collection and involve staff and customers in the process.

Reading Maps: Explore the Whole Collection.
Tips For Creating A Reading Map Handout. (PDF 46 KB)
Susan Maguire, Collection Specialist, Kanawha County Public Library.
Summary: Reading maps are a great way to promote your entire collection and encourage patrons to explore all aspects of a subject. Using our Twilight reading map as an example, we will walk through the creation of a reading map, from analyzing appeal elements to the technical aspects of online forms.

Providing Excellent Customer Service. (PDF 110 KB)
Ron Cadrette is the Vice President of Lodging at Snowshoe Mountain Resort
Summary: Mr. Cadrette will reacquaint librarians with the 5 basic principles of providing Excellent Customer Service as well as how to build a culture of service in your work place. Many of us have been trained on customer service from the library perspective, now experience the same from a different perspective and see what changes may need to be made in your library.

Marc Harshman’s Finding and Telling Workshop.
How to Tell a Story and Bibliography Handouts (PDF 797 KB) 2 p.
Marc Harshman, WV Author and Storyteller.
Summary: I emphasize in this hands-on workshop not only how to tell* stories, but how to make selections best suited to particular age groups. My introductory remarks will briefly outline the history of storytelling in an effort to place our activities in context. In addition to discussing the selection process, I will highlight such topics as setting, voice, pace, and adaptation of specific stories. I will supply a simple outline for telling to participants, as well as teach these same individuals a story or two they can take home. In addition to this I will tell one longer story as an example of what can be done with storytelling for adults.

Mining Your Local History Collection: Telling Your Community's Story Using Library Resources. (PDF 4.33 MB)
Charles Julian, Manager, National Technology Transfer Center, Wheeling Jesuit University.
Summary: In his book, Rethinking Home, author Joseph Amato posits that “all history is local” and makes a cogent argument for the importance of documenting local history through “compelling narratives” that explain a particular place and its people. These concrete historical details -- often of everyday life and events – help to connect people to the past, present, and future of place. This session will explore some concrete examples of how the library local history collection can tell your community's story.

Understanding the Essentials of Intellectual Property. (PDF 1.67 MB)
Marian Armour-Gemmen, Patent & Trademark (Copyright Law) Librarian, Evansdale Library, West Virginia University.
Summary: Explore the essential Intellectual Property rights: Trademarks, Patents, Copyright and Trade Secrets. What is the difference among them? How long do they last? How do you choose which one? How can these intellectual property rights be protected? Are search tools available to everyone?

Wanted: Student Input for redesigned library space; using the expert in your own backyard. (PDF 42 KB)
Handout on Survey and Focus Groups (PDF 62KB) 2 p.
Mary L. Strife, Director Evansdale Library, West Virginia University.
Summary: With an opportunity to redesign our first floor, we needed student input. Dr. Beacham helped us develop a short online survey and then ran three student focus groups to gather information. The results aided in the decisions we made for the space. Finding Dr. Beacham and using her expertise made this part of the project a big success.

Using ERM (Electronic Resource Management) to Manage Online Subscriptions.
Managing Online Subscriptions with ERM (PDF 596 KB)
ERM License Records (PDF 5.21 MB)
Christine Lewis, Jingping Zhang, Paris Webb, and Lisa Hughes, Marshall University Libraries.
Summary: Members of the ERM project team will describe the process of implementing ERM for Marshall University Libraries. Discussion will include the advantages and disadvantages of our system, what we’ve learned and the impact on other library services such as acquisitions, technical services, ILL, etc.